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Fees & Funded Support


Landsker works on either (1) a commercial fee basis or (2) fully funded or subsidised fees, if your business is eligible to access support from a funded programme on which we are accredited. The process to agree our terms of business generally begins with a one-to-one consultation and the production of a detailed proposal which includes:

  • A summary of your current situation and a description of how we can help
  • A transparent breakdown of our fee terms and a project plan of how and when we will deliver the work
  • An indication of which Landsker personnel will assist and referencing previous experience relevant to your needs.


Funded Support

EU and Welsh Government objectives define those business sectors which receive financial support, which results in initiatives referred to as ‘funded programmes’, whereby consultancy help or grants are provided on a full or part subsidised basis.

As accredited consultants on  various funded programmes, Landsker may be able to assist you free of charge or at a subsidised rate with various business essentials, including business planning and operations, money matters including grant-applications, people recruitment and management and marketing activity.

Programmes cover a diverse range of sectors and business types including those below, plus many other areas:

Advanced materials and manufacturing Advanced materials and manufacturing
Construction Construction
Creative industries Creative industries
Energy & Environment Energy & Environment
Financial & Professional services Financial & Professional services
Food & Farming Food & Farming
Life Sciences Life Sciences
Tourism Tourism


Got a question?

To discuss how we can improve how you do business click the button or, give us a call on 01994 240631 to speak to one of our consultants.