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  • I have a unique business idea, how can I fund it?


  • Am I eligible for funded support?


  • How profitable will my business be in the future?


  • How can I show my bank manager my business is financially feasible?


  • Is there a way to monitor my business performance based on actual earnings?


  • How can I improve my understanding of my business’ finances?


  • How can I compare my projected financial performance to my actual trading performance?

Business Planning to provide you with future competitive advantage

It is likely you know your business inside out, or have been through the logistics of launching a new idea a thousand times. Transferring these insights and knowledge into hard facts and figures, either to raise funding or simply to give you the confidence to succeed, is where we can help.

We assess real needs and calculate factual outcomes. Our in-depth knowledge of the financial implications of growing a business, plus our direct relationships with banks, investors and grant and other funding bodies, can really help if you are

  • Making financial projections and planning cashflow
  • Developing your business and identifying what finance you need to raise
  • Applying for funding from a variety of sources
  • Attracting private investment
  • Looking to sell/merge or exit
  • Wanting a process to better manage your finances.

We believe that completed work should be understood by you and the key audience with whom you have to engage to access such finance, so Landsker will tailor our work to suit. We can help you build detailed projections, over any term, that can be easily adapted to reflect different trading and funding scenarios. Our financial forecasting or projection activities can be used in the following ways:

Finance - Landsker Business Solutions

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