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HR & Performance

  • Do my HR policies and procedures comply with current legislation?


  • I need to produce a Company Handbook; can you tailor it to my organisation?


  • How should I manage a disciplinary?


  • Can you help me write effective job descriptions and employment contracts?


  • I have got some really tricky staffing issues and I don’t know what to do?

Developing your most important asset – your employees

Running a successful organisation means doing things correctly, from the inside out; ensuring you have the right people in place, supported by consistent policies and procedures and encouraging a proactive approach to nurture your staff so that they develop and remain with you.  Implicit in this, is working with you to ensure that your business’ culture is fit for purpose and that your employees’ behaviour supports your business activities.

Landsker can help you implement effective HR processes and create bespoke HR documentation for your organisation, ensuring compliance with statutory employment legislation. With experience as employers in the commercial world and managing our own business and staff, we practice what we preach. We understand how important our staff are to us and what we need to do to retain, motivate and develop them.

We can also help with those contentious challenges or issues that you should handle carefully and correctly, to avoid potential legal challenge and significant cost. Where needed, we work closely with specialist employment law solicitors.

Landsker can provide human resource management to a diverse range of organisations, across all sectors. 

Our services include:

  • HR Management (Inc. Coaching and Mentoring, Performance Management, Leadership, Managing Change)
  • Contracts of Employment, Company Handbooks and HR Policy Suites (ensuring processes and procedures are up to date, legally compliant and practically applied)
  • Recruitment and Retention (Inc. Skills and Characteristics required, Role Logistics, Pay and Bonus Packages, Return on Investment, Recruitment Processes, Training and Development)
  • Succession Planning (Inc. Emergency Succession Planning, Departure-defined Succession Planning, Strategic Leader Development, Identifying and Nurturing Talent, Harnessing staff towards Employee or Management Buy Outs)
  • Dispute Resolution/Contentious Issues (Inc. Disciplinary, Mediation, Compromise Agreements, Tribunals)

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