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  • I have a great new business idea, but how will I market and sell it?


  • I am launching a new business and I need an identity or brand; where do I start?


  • What online marketing channels should I use, there are so many to choose from?


  • Who are the best customers I should target?

Business Planning to provide you with future competitive advantage

It is true what they say, ‘a picture paints a thousand words’. How you present your business has a huge impact on how your customers view you, and we have proven practices and techniques that can help you market your business successfully.

Our services include

  • Market Research (Inc. Primary and Secondary Research)
  • Branding and Design (Inc. Logos, Straplines, Brand Values, Tone of Voice)
  • Formulating Marketing Strategies and Budgets (Inc. Routes to Market, Use of Online and Offline channels)
  • Identifying your Customers (Inc. Market Analysis, Customer Identification, Characterising your ‘perfect customers’)
  • Social Media Guidance (Inc. Introduction to the Basics, Building a Community, SEO, Analysing the Impact).

Linked to all the support we provide, is helping you market your product to your desired customers, in what is becoming an increasingly complex and rapidly changing marketplace.

If you would like to understand how your organisation can benefit from any marketing support, please call us on 01994 240631 or email us at


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