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  • How can we improve service delivery and work quality?


  • How can we identify and focus on more profitable activities?


  • How can we improve productivity?
  • Our margins are being squeezed, what can we do to preserve them?


  • How do we agree favourable and fair terms with our customers and suppliers?

From the outside, it may appear organisations that are highly profitable or have existed for many years have got there by natural progression. In fact, what goes on behind the scenes to enable them to operate effectively, involves continuous assessment of systems, regular adjustments to procedures, constant trial and error, plus extreme hard work and dedication.

Landsker has worked with many organisations of all shapes and sizes across all sectors in Wales for the last 18 years and have helped many to address internal operational issues. Our approach is to work with you first to understand what the true issue is. Once this has been done we then discuss with you one or more potential solutions. What we propose will take into account your current situation to ensure that it is feasible. Implicit in this is creating a plan of action which includes communicating to those affected by what needs to be done to gain their participation and understanding of what needs to be done. Often, we will construct and run various detailed financial scenarios to help ensure that what we suggest works. Our operational activity can cover:

  • Ensuring you have effective procedures and systems in place
  • Creating measurement ‘tools’ to help you work more productively, efficiently and profitably
  • Communicating with your workforce to ensure they understand why change is happening
  • Identifying where you are making or losing money
  • Improving service delivery and customer satisfaction.

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