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Client Story: Aroma del Campos launches new fragrance range

Congratulations to our client Paolo Frils on the launch of his exciting new product Aroma del Campos, a new line of fragrances based on the scents of the Welsh Countryside.

Paolo, originally a cattle farmer from Argentina, moved to West Wales 5 years ago to explore the agricultural lifestyle in a new country and to learn more about different farming techniques used in other parts of the world.

“I was excited to explore agriculture in other countries but after a short period of time I realised that I was intoxicated by the sights, sounds and, as you might now realise, the smells of the Welsh countryside and found myself wanting to set up my life here,” stated Paolo. “It was whilst travelling into London to take a trip back home that I noticed that I missed the smells of the farm and it got me thinking that there must be other people who have moved, or even just travelled, to the city who must have felt the same way. This was when I had the idea for Aroma del Campos.”

At this point, Paolo got in touch with us to see if we thought this was a viable idea and how we could support him in making his business idea become a reality.

“When Paolo came to us with this idea we simply couldn’t say no, we thought it was a great idea to bring the Welsh countryside with you wherever you travel.” noted Jeremy Bowen Rees, Landsker Managing Director “Having spent some time living in London as a student I could really connect with Paolo’s idea and wanted to support him in getting this idea off the ground.”

After several months of researching how the product would be developed and working closely with highly acclaimed perfumers to create the scents that mimicked the countryside smells that evoked that emotional connection, and initially inspired the idea for the product line, today is the day that the public gets to experience Aroma del Campos.

Aroma del Campos is launching a range of room fragrances, in-car air fresheners and reed diffusers in all of the fragrant aromas of the countryside including Aroma de Charolais, Aroma del Ensilaje and Aroma de Suelo Arado.

Landsker supported Aroma del Campos from the early days of business planning and financial forecasting to explore the viability of the business right through to the undertaking of market research and the development of the brand.

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