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How can focused research help your business and decision making?

In today's ever changing business landscape, businesses of all sizes need to make informed decisions to remain competitive and grow.  Research is a powerful tool to help your business gain valuable information, enhance operations and make well-informed decisions that can give you a competitive edge.  Here are six ways research can benefit your business:

1. Market Research can give you a better understanding of your target market, to identify customer preferences, market trends, and emerging opportunities. Research is like a treasure map, where finding the information you need allows you to tailor your products or services to meet your customer’s needs cost effectively and achieve higher impact. It can tell you where and how to promote and advertise cost effectively to generate more sales.

2. Competitor Research enables you to identify their strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge can help you find and develop ways to stand out or emulate aspects of what they do to help you capture more of the market and stay ahead of the competition.

3. Research can help you identify potential risks and challenges that your business may face. By anticipating these possible future problems, issues, or obstacles, you can be better prepared and placed to deal with them.

4. Gathering feedback from customers through surveys, interviews, or online reviews provides valuable information into how happy and satisfied your customers are. This information can identify areas for improvement and inform you on enhancing and developing your product and customer service.

5. Financial research can help you manage budgets, identify issues, reduce costs, improve productivity, and make informed decisions about operational changes leading to improved financial performance.

6. Discover employee issues and better ways of working for your work force. Employee satisfaction and engagement levels can lead to a more motivated and productive workforce and improve retention. A contented workforce is more likely to provide excellent customer service and maintain stability in tough trading conditions.


Conducting effective research is like planting the seeds to enable your business to flourish.


Landsker Business Solutions Ltd can help you gain a significant advantage by harnessing the power of research. No matter what size your business is, improving customer satisfaction, or identifying new market opportunities, Landsker can help you discover the facts and unravel the information needed to make informed decisions, drive innovation, navigate challenges effectively and thrive in an ever-changing business landscape. Knowledge is power, and research is a powerful tool to unlock the path to sustainable growth.

Explore how we can help you with your business accounting and bookkeeping here or contact Landsker for a no obligation discussion with one of Landsker’s expert consultants.

About the author

Colin Hughes

Colin has over 30 years’ experience in project and people management, marketing, and research both nationally and internationally. Colin has an MSc Marketing Management, BSc Management and Economics, and is an elected Fellow of the Charted Institute of Marketing.

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